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Texas Tandy Restorations


Restoring Tandy & TRS-80 Past, for the Future.

TTR is Proud to sponsor the 2019 Tandy Assembly.
It will happening in Ohio this September, have you checked out Tandy assembly yet ?
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Texas Tandy Restorations
​Since I was a young lad, there always was various TRS-80 and followed by Tandy computers in my house, My father was a beleiver in this new technology, himself being mathematician, knew this fancy boxes where the future in its infancy.​​​​​​​

I have set my teeth on the hard plastic of these machines, learn how to program, how to game, how to run a BBS and get online with a modem and talk to people of same mind as I was....

Now in my 50's I have regained the taste for the "old girls" and want to restore them so they can be enjoyed once again.

How quickly the familiar returned after I found a Model 4 on my workbench, a smile hard to explain, but if your like me, you know what I mean, when you get one of these doing what they could do best....


NEW 07/14/19

Restore a Model 3 with a Radio Shack factory installed M3 HRG Restoration
High-Resolution Card.

R​estoring a Model 3 to Model 4 Factory upgrade

Restoring a keyboard cover​ with little effort.