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Texas Tandy Restorations


Restoring Tandy & TRS-80 Past, for the Future.

About Little Ol' Me.

I was born in Montreal, Canada during the 60's from French Immigrant Parents, Both where teachers and saw computers as an extension of the learning process and where the future of industries would be going.

So at the ripe young age of 14, I started learning Computers on a TRS-80 Model 3 16K and 1 180K drive.. 

I have worked in the IT industry even since, 35+ years so far..
Why this web site ? to maybe help newcomers that want to dip their fingers into a cheap "retro" computer, how to fix the basics, how to upgrade, modify and what to look for in​​
when you want to buy or sell one.  

But a large majority of what you will find is my gift of organizing a series of Tech notes, most of them I will make, to show how to restore these systems with simple tools and a little patience, yes some will have videos, but rarely will you see me in them. I am not a youtuber/bist and I dont care to be.
Lest it be known to thy kingdom; I am not on twitter, nor any other scocial place except Facebook, and you can easily find me roaming the Retro Computing and TRS-80 / Tandy groups there... 

Do I do repairs for others?  sure I could, but I am not here to fix your system but mine, so I will charge you a technician fee.

But if you ask your questions in any Facebook group I mentioned above you can get FREE help, and you can solve the issue yourself, learn something about your retro computer of choice, and be proud to have fixed it yourself, I will be the first to cheer you on!