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Not so long ago, I hauled Home 4 TRS-80, and after some snooping, was discovered I had snagged a rarer model 3 than most, a factory upgraded Model 3 to a Model 4 with an amber Monitor. 

This thing was a mess of bad wiring, monitor not working, keyboard not workign and the floppies not working. But I decided it was going to get my best restoration anyways.

Update: 03/27/2019
Still not completed, but some people asked for an update so here it is. 
 This is the first video of the unit,  spotting an Amber Screen ib a Model 3​​
Well this model 3 is more than meet the eye, it is actualy a rare Model 3 upgraded to Model 4! what  a find
opening the system and realizing quickly.. oh the troubles I find myself in... but lets get it done!
 After taking it all apart it was clear how badly the wiring was on this machie and since I had a spare model 3 that worked byut had a badly scratches CRT I decided to use it for this restoration project, the Donnor Model 3, will give up all wirring and power supplies and floppy drives as well. 

All the parts bringin back the Model 3-4 Up graded system to proper factory wirring and oganization of brackets and plates covering motherboard and drives bay. 

after about 6 hours of tearing dowen 2 machines, cleanign and putting one back, I am down to CRT stuill not fucntional and keyboard that will definalytly need to be restorewd as well.  and Since I dont have a spare Model 4 of those, this will be a long boring part of this weekend to unsolder, clean, resolder and put back together, I may even do a video but pretty annoyinglt not looking forward to it.

But system is back together, tested with spare model 3 crt and its boots from disks, and functioons with either model 3 ort Model 4 disks. I am considering putting a Gotek System into this one. stay tuned.

click on a picture below to enjoy the show and dont forget to watch the last two video...

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Up next time;

- Cleaning a model 4 keyboard
- Fixing an Amber CRT
- Install a 720K drive in Bay 1
- Gotek Instalation in Bay 1
- RS232 to WIFi instalation